Thursday, December 25, 2014

Wanting a fresh new look and feel for a brand new company, Techtonic Insight Inc took advantage of vTapestry's multidisciplinary training to develop a truly 'earth-moving' design.

The resulting company logo provides an encompassing 'sphere' within which the product lines not just fit, but intertwine to create a complete view of Techtonic's driving mission (to power the discovery of actionable insight for a better, safer – smarter – world) and vision (to maintain the integrity of ‘the human side’ of big data applications through real-time iterative discovery and analysis technologies to rapidly solve real-world complex problems).

Half-circles, split at a 45-degree angle representing a fault line, are filled with the greens of a circuit board and the blues of an open eye, then caught in the infinite motion of two 'wings' that symbolize powerful direction in the context of constant change. See how it all works together at or