Friday, December 12, 2014

VIP Breakfast Centerpiece Notes

By Rebekah K Nix – with Christine Maxwell
Okay, some of you will appreciate this conclusive evidence that I am the product of my Dad's cleverness and my Mom's creativity... I helped set the table for the VIP Breakfast of the Global IPv6 Forum Summit this Thursday morning! Here's are way geeky notes on the centerpiece symbols used!
... great (BALANCED) fun setting up the early morning welcome at the Global IPv6 Forum Summit VIP Breakfast.

TITLE (about as long as the table!): my ultimate end-user interdisciplinary v/IP rendition of the v4 > v6 'hockey stick' transition ~ powered (in part) by 'Technology Advancement' programs at UTD! — with Christine Maxwell.

colored tubes = number of v4 (orange) and v6 (green) addresses; placement > dual stack configuration

placetags spheres = Internet nodes; dual (2-way) green/orange ribbon = human connections enabled by the WWW

the wider table runner represents IPv6, while the narrower belts = v4 transfers
4 clay pots = IPv4 packets (functional foundation); 6 ceramic pots = IPv6 packets (new, shiny, fast)

live marigolds = emergent potential of UNIVERSAL cooperation, (as foreshadowed by the colorful and intricate Map of the Internet) the internet of 'things' leading to the accessible web of innovation!