Monday, June 11, 2012

vTap opens 'home' office in north central Texas

While neither Christine nor Rebekah tends to stay in one place for long, vTapestry needed a physical address to call 'home' - and to receive snail mail packages on the necessary occasions.

Committed to a paper-less way of doing business, we manage most all of our work 'in the cloud' to produce 'living', electronic artifacts that we can change 'on the fly', virtually anywhere, any time! Smaller, faster, and cheaper (relatively) hardware plus open, standards-based, and often free applications afford us the freedom to work everywhere, all the time! As these are simply the 'means to each end', we are very fortunate to be in a position to meet our collaborators and colleagues in the most efficient and effective ways, be that face-to-face, online, or through a combination of all of the above typically.